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The reduced lighting gives you the opportunity to sit late at the computer without affecting your sleep. The program extracts information about when the sun sets and rises based on your location and regulates the screen so that the screen will always have optimal color temperature based on solar orbit.

Choose your own strenght

Bebuddy lets you choose between three different settings "Light", "Normal" and "Heavy". We recommend using the "Normal" this setting automatically provides your display optimum color temperature around the clock. Because not everyone has the same circadian rhythm, it may be interesting for someone to use other settings.

The classic sleep-timer

Set the countdown, the computer automatically turns off after the desired time. If you want to fall asleep to a movie, bedbuddy will take care for the ending when the film is finished.

Look how much time you spend on the computer

Bedbuddy collects statistics on how late nights you've had on the machine. "How many hours am I really on facebook?" "How long did I sit on the computer, Monday?" This and more can bedbuddy give you the answer to. It sets up the recommended use and you can compare yourself with others. Everything to help you and your sleep.

Why use bedbuddy?

For you with sleeping problems

If you are reading emails, checking facebook or surf the web in bed before going to sleep, this can impair sleep quality. It shows a sleep study from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bergen.

The sleep study showed that there was a clear connection between surfing on mobile and PC and insomnia (sleep problems) says Professor Ståle Pallesen at the Faculty of Psychology.

Blue and red light

Display artificial light emits a blue light that is blocking the production of melatonin hormone in the body; a drug that makes us tired.

Bedbuddy automatically adjusts the color temperature of the screen based on the sun's path. For the users the image will appear warmer (more yellow / red) than the artificial blue light that is common.

Colour temperature

During the daytime, the screen light is equal to the solar blue light. Much bluish light with a color temperature of 5600 Kelvin is desirable. This makes us efficient and awake. However, at the evening it should be yellow / red light dominating. Color temperature should be below 3000 Kelvin. Bedbuddy will do it automatically for you.


US researchers suggest that the increased amount of artificial light gives us a chronic "jet lag" of 4-5 hours (Herald Tribune, 1996). Trouble with the hours after long flights, so-called "jet lag", mainly due to melatonin disruption. Melatonin hormone is inhibited by the blue artificial light from your computer. With bedbuddy's automatic color temperature adjustment, melatonin hormone would be less inhibited and it will be easier for you to fall asleep.

Expert on child and sleep, Andrea Grace, comments:

- The problem with looking at a screen at bedtime is that it provides a kind of false energy. Children are often engrossed in video games, tv shows, texting with their friends or they are on Facebook, she said.

- They can not then realize that they are tired. They feel "connected" and have difficulty turning off both themselves and their units.


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