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With bedbuddy, you may surf, read email or watch a movie without loosing sleep.

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Bedbuddy adjusts the color temperature of your screen. By reducing the light you can surf, read mail or watch movies without spoiling your sleep.

Exposure to artificial light between sunset and when we go to bed, reduces the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, increasing attention, shifts circadian rhythm and makes it difficult to fall asleep. Bedbuddy solves this problem by setting the color temperature so that the lighting follow the sun's path.

More than 10% have trouble sleeping

A growing problem in the digital world is sleep disturbance. 11.7 percent of the population sleep so badly that it affects the quality of everyday life. For you to be the best version of yourself, it is important that you get enough sleep.

Sleep studies show that there was a clear connection between surfing on mobile and PC and insomnia (sleep problems). Apply bedbuddy and let yourself be surprised by the impact.

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